Combined with a passion for fashion and cultural art, Hardout kiwi is dedicated to creating contemporary Māori Art and continually working with talented and emerging Māori artists, to bring the world true fashion with cultural spirit. 

Hardout Kiwi Fashion is 100% owned and operated by kiwi husband and wife team Simon & Judy.

Hardout Kiwi brand was born the same time as us winning of the Rugby World Cup 2011. Our team and fans were going really hard out during the RWC!!!

Our vision and Values:    

* To spread our Māori cultural spirit to the world

* To work that benefits all people

* To be creative 

Our story

It was such an honor to be part of Melbourne Indigenous Fashion show at National Gallery of Victoria in 2018. 

I was so overwhelmed to see so many talented people from around the world. 

Big Mihi to 

Global Indigenous Runway

and Shona Tawhiao  for the gorgeous headpieces.