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The Meaning of the Pattern : Transcending

The whole pattern is centre-lined, representing the core principles, righteousness, and integrity.
Poutama - the stepped pattern often seen on tukutuku panels and woven mats - symbolizes
genealogies and the various levels of learning and intellectual achievement. They also represent
the steps by which Tāne-o-te-wānanga ascended to the topmost realm in his quest for superior
knowledge and religion.
The 2  quarter-circled koru formed  into a half circle, they represent the balance of interconnected
opposite forces.
Triangular-shaped Taniko patterns resemble the challenges laid in our life path, as we constantly
 align ourselves with the core principles and refine our character through life challenges and
tribulations, in the end, we reach the pinnacle of our life journey in order to transcend to a
higher realm.
 The māngōroa pattern symbolizes the stars, especially the group of stars known as the Milky
Way.  Here it represents the vast universe with countless planes and realms.

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